colorful paint play

Last night, I had an incredible urge to paint wildly with lots of colors and mostly with my fingertips. It was so fun to just dip my fingers in paint, with no plan in mind.

heART love

In the morning I went back to it and created a big heart.

heART love

Now I am feeling the need to make more Valentine decorations for my fireplace mantel. Maybe a crochet heart garland. There are more lovely ideas HERE.

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6 Responses to heARTful

  1. angella says:

    thanks for sharing those great valentines ideas Regina. I am exhibiting at a Valentine’s market on Saturday – so these will come in very handy!
    I recently made a crochet heart garland and put it on my headboard (can see pic on my FB page)
    I love love love your heart painting- how absolutely awesome!
    have a happy week.

  2. doro K. says:

    the best pictures are those, which come from deep inside…from an urgend need to paint.

    i love your heart painting. you made the best out of it!

    best wishes to you, doro K.

  3. Jaime barks says:

    Love it! I love painting without a plan! It feels so good to just be free.

  4. elsa says:

    Loving the heart ~ it’s perfect!

  5. Oh … it’s just beautiful!! I love all the colors and shapes … they work so well together! Thanks for sharing your creation with us! 🙂

  6. Tammy M says:

    ooooh! pretty :o) Love painting with my hands (Mindy Lacefields class got me hooked on it) Miss you! hope you are having a spiffy day!!

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