crochet hearts

Making crocheted hearts (using this video tutorial) with Lion Brand Bonbons yarn–mine is “celebrate”.

daisies and lemon cornbread cake

Daisies and lemon cornbread cake (I used this recipe, but veganized it).

sketching faces and  sunshine

Sketching faces and watching the sun through the clouds.

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3 Responses to diptychs.2

  1. Beautiful pictures! I might have to beg you for yarn pictures that I can draw. I love those! Your sketch looks really good, such a deep expression on that face! Thanks for the post!

  2. Those hearts are darling & that sketch is amazing Regina! Your art is always beautiful, but that sketch really draws you in (& makes you wonder what her story is…)

  3. kt says:

    i have been away from blogs for a bit, what was i thinking!!!! sooo inspired today. you are making it happen over here, i am loving it! keep on shining Ms. Regina:)
    xo katy

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