A hike up Tumamoc Hill

Hiking up Tumamoc Hill

This morning we decided to go for a little hike. It was a perfect day to be outside. Warm with a nice breeze and lots of beautiful things to see.

little bird on a saguaro

It’s been a while since we have been hiking and it reminded us that we should do it more often.

heart saguaro

We hiked up Tumamoc Hill which is a short but very steep climb (about 700ft) up to the top. (I just had to throw another heart in 🙂 ).

a view of Tucson, AZ

But when you get to the top, it is a fabulous view of Tucson.

my guys

My little guys had no troubles running most of the way up and down, walking backwards part of the way.

hiking down tumamoc hill

 You can kinda see how steep the paved trail is.

The Luminous Mother

At the base of the hill is a little building with an altar called The Luminous Mother.

the luminous mother

The mosaic work is stunning and shines brightly in the sun. I love all the rosaries that have been left on the small statue.

I hope you had a beautiful day too!

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  1. angella says:

    A lovely post- I so enjoyed taking this virtual hike with you!

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