Woman with bird

woman with bird by Regina Lord

This is my 1920’s girl with bird, somewhat inspired by The Great Gatsby. I loved that movie and all the sparkle and glamor.¬† Spectacularly dramatic!

This was painted on an 11×14 flat panel. I took the picture late this afternoon and the colors aren’t totally right. The shirt is more purpley-pink and the blue more turquoise. I might have to retake the pic.

Anyway, I really enjoyed dipping into those purpley-pinks. I used to really love¬† purple, then I didn’t, now I do again. Purple, I missed you!

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2 Responses to Woman with bird

  1. angella says:

    oh – those colours make my heart jump for joy! what a beautiful painting.

  2. kt says:

    loving the colors regina! i am going to see this movie this weekend i can’t wait!

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