washi/deco tapes

mini rose plant

I bought this pretty little rose plant for my studio, but it’s been hanging out on the dining table because it looks so darn pretty on Katy’s table runner.

deco/washi tapes

The pink planter was looking a little too blah to me, so I pulled out my washi deco tapes and gave it a little make over.

I love little projects where washi & deco tapes are used.  It’s so liberating to finally use my tapes like this. I always feel like the tapes are precious and I never want to use them! So silly!

The rose plant will need a better planter eventually, but I’ll still be able to use the little tin pot for my brushes or pencils or something.

I also think I should mention that I had to put a few coats of collage pauge over the tapes to help them really adhere and give them a little extra protection.

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3 Responses to washi/deco tapes

  1. angella says:

    great idea Regina. I am going to start using my washi tape for things like this- I have also been “treasuring” it – its very expensive here in SA!!! But the other day I thought- you know what I spent so much money on this stuff and its just lying in a box!!! I dont have very many and usually only use it for art journal pages or on greeting cards. Love your gorgeous little rose bush. I am going to buy veggie seedlings today to start my organic veggie patch. I am not a very good gardener. hold thumbs for me 🙂

  2. This is lovely and I absolutely adore washi tapes but they are sooo expensive to buy over here in the UK as they only seem to be available online and come from Japan or China and there’s not much choice. How much would you expect to pay for one roll?

  3. kt says:

    laughing because i was just at Michael’s buying washi tape yesterday i love love these and want to own them all!!!!! i love what you did with them by the way:)

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