vision/inspiration boards

Summer Inspiration Board

I spent a few days cleaning my studio (again) and I find it very strange that I will get rid of SO-MUCH-STUFF and yet my room still feels so very full! How does this happen, I wonder?

mood/vision board

Anyway, I cleaned, purged and updated my two boards. The top one is my Summer Inspiration Board and the bottom one is my vision-mood board for the intentions I set for Pixie’s e-course. I have all my stones, mood sprays and candles on the shelf underneath it.

art studio work space

My computer is on a wooden box, which has really helped my neck from getting sore when type. I pull it in closer to me when I need it and push it back to the wall when I’m playing music or an audio book.

art studio kitchen cart

I bought this little cutie a few months ago, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet. It’s a kitchen cart from Ikea and it works wonderfully for my paints. It rolls too which is so great for tucking it back in the corner when I don’t need it.

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3 Responses to vision/inspiration boards

  1. Love your space. It looks so happy and fun. The cart is perfect!

  2. kt says:

    wow wee i love these!!!!

  3. Olá, adorei o seu blog, ao ler alguns posts, vi que você é uma pessoa esforçada que só quer falar e ser ouvida na blogosfera, assim como eu. Posso dizer que gostei muito do que li, vc tem um potencial enorme e sei que será um grande blog de fácil entendimento e conteúdo gostoso de ler. Sou Luciana Shirley do blog se desejar me visite e siga, mas só se gostar, eu vou retribuir seguindo também o seu.

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