buttercups and cactus wren

hello cactus wren Art by Regina Lord

Wouldn’t you know, just when we find a good “married couple” to be friends with, they go and get jobs in Oregon!

I made this as a going away gift to remind them of us, Arizona and the desert (not all of AZ is a desert, btw 😉 )

Miss Amy (we call her), was our youngest son’s kindergarten teacher 3 years ago and she could not have been more perfect for him (and for us!). Their classroom was called the Buttercup class room, so I included yellow buttercup flowers in the painting. Her husband, is a big bird lover so I included the cactus wren, which is also the state bird.

Well, I guess we have yet another reason to visit Oregon!

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  1. bella says:

    Regina. I love the gift you made for your friends. I’m sorry they are moving away from you, though.

    And thank you so much for my mermaid postcard. I love it!! http://foobella.blogspot.com/2013/08/hand-carved-stamp-mermaid-magic.html

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