My father-in-law gave me these gorgeous feathers. All wild turkey feathers and one raven feather.

Aren’t they beautiful!?!?! He finds them when he is out in the woods camping or hiking.

smudge fan

I am so thankful for them because it allowed me to make a smudge fan, something I have been wanting for a long time, and something I’ve been learning a lot about in Pixie’s Visual Quest e-course.

smudge fan

I fastened them to a stick I found during my beach time in Oregon. I added a poppy pod, a peacock feather, some other smaller feathers that I had, along with one of my favorite blue glass beads.

smudge fan

It makes smudging my space even more special.

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4 Responses to feathers

  1. kt says:

    regina these are beautiful!

  2. elsa says:

    Such beautiful feathers and one wonderful father-in-law!

  3. angella says:

    love it. you are so very creative. your photos are awesome!

  4. deb taylor says:

    your fan is absolutely gorgeous!

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