why I keep an art journal

feathers art journal page

I cracked open my new art journal and started laying down paint on the first few pages with no ideas in mind of what I wanted to paint.

dream catcher art journal page

I thought about all the other journals I have filled and started thinking about why I paint in them and thought I’d share.

rain and love

* for practice
* to experiment with mixing paint with pencil, with pen, with crayon, with paper, with words, etc
* it is less pressure than cracking open a new canvas or wood panel
* it gives me flow, releases stress
* sometimes under the paint, i keep my worries, secrets, dreams, to do lists
* it is free therapy
* it unearths ideas and new techniques that will someday make it to a canvas
* it is a place to collect my favorite words, poems and quotes
* because it gives me a voice for when I’d rather not speak.

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5 Responses to why I keep an art journal

  1. Regina, this is a brilliant post.

  2. angella says:

    fabulosity!!!!! this is going to be a very beautiful journal Regina. thank you for inspiring us all – all the time!!! love your work and love YOU !!!!!! Have a super week.

  3. iHanna says:

    Beauuuutiful page, and a great list of reasons.

  4. I love those reasons Regina.

  5. Clemencia says:

    Thank you for posting this, I always love to look at art journals, read a lot about it, but don’t have one, I think I’ll start one just for all the reasons you mentioned here 🙂 thanks again

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