a little peek

just a peek at a new painting

Just a little peek at a new painting that I’ve been working on today. It’s part of a project/challenge that I’m working with my friends Katy & Suz. Will share the rest with you soon. It was such wonderful way to rest my logical/analytical brain.

I’ve been trying to remodel my main website (very taxing on my poor brain and nerves!) to make it look more artsy and less crafty. To reflect where I want to go in my art business. I’ve only been working on a practice page, so it isn’t live yet. I need to get all the bugs worked out still and my sweet husband has been helping me as much as he can.

It has been really hard to try and embodied exactly what feels right for me and my art. I have poured over so many different websites, trying to figure out what I like and want to use myself. In the end, I decided to go for simple and easy to navigate.

It will probably be another week before it is completely ready, but I can’t wait to share it when I’m done.

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4 Responses to a little peek

  1. angella says:

    wow – excited to see the new website. Love this new painting. You’re awesome Regina. GO GO GO !!!!!!

  2. Regina, I really like your paintings. This post puts into words what I have been struggling with over the past few months, the difference between craftsy work and more artistic endeavors, can they co-exist? I cannot wait to follow your journey.

  3. kt says:

    love it regina, if those are crows…i read somewhere that they will help you find you true path:)

  4. Melbee says:

    I think the glimpse of your painting is lovely…..and I think you will get the website right as you ARE AN ARTIST! And I believe in you and know you will make it just fine. Mel.xxx

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