Soul Food Winner & other stuff

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Today was a rest day. I went to bed at 8pm after the fair yesterday, I was so exhausted. I haven’t done that in ages. Despite crashing early, I still felt a bit slow and sniffly today. Yuk, I have work to do!!

First, I need to announce the winners of Soul Food! The winner is Mik. Congratulations!! You will be getting an email from me very soon.

Next, I need to get working on Halloween costumes. And let me tell you, the days of adorable little cute costumes is over.  This year is the first request for a scary costume and also a creeper. Fun, fun.

Also, wanted to mention that I was able to find the perfect paper for my calendars, which means they will be printed single sided instead of double.  Yay!

A Creative Kismet Newsletter was sent out today, so please check your email.  Thank you. 🙂

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