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speak your voice Art by Regina Lord

I painted this a while back as a little challenge with my two buddies, Katy and Suzanne. We chat every few weeks on google+ hangout (which I treasure) and we were talking about using our voices more and speaking our truths.

The painting above was inspired by the whales song which vibrates across the ocean, spreading it’s beauty far and wide. On her forehead, you will see the word “light” and on her chest, “truth”.

After my post yesterday, I was feeling some anxiety over one of the comments. All of the others are so supportive and encouraging and yet, I couldn’t shake that ONE!  Then I remembered a post on gratitude that Katy referred me to, reminding me to be thankful and more aware of all the good, and not focus on that ONE little thing. I am truly thankful to have a place to share my thoughts and to have kind ears to listen. Thank you for that.

I do however, have one thing to say in regards yesterdays post. I have many extroverted friends in my life whom I love and adore. They make life more interesting and often help get me through tough socials events. They may not know this, but they do. I understand that we may not ever come to understand each other completely, but there is always common ground, I think.  It just takes a little respect on both parts.

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  1. ANGELLA says:

    Hi Regina. love this painting – so spiritual. Sorry you had to be distressed by that unnecesary comment . There was a lot of “anger” in it and I think that person has some serious issues that she needs to deal with. It seems the comment wasnt so much about you as it was about herself. <3

  2. Imelda says:

    But posts have the same effects as comments – don’t they? If you put something out there that is less than complementary and upsets people, why is that ok, yet to receive back something that tells you that, is not? And yes, I think that advice you have is good, to concentrate on the good not the bad. If I had then perhaps I wouldn’t have made my comment. Anger is so often portrayed as a bad thing but really I disagree. However, in any case annoyed would be a lot nearer the mark. Anger though is often appropriate as an emotion and some people should be angry – at the injustice in the world instead of accepting it. Your first reader comment is just silly and aggressive. but as it is in defence of what you wrote, no doubt it is deemed sensible and right. But it actually is rather unkind and inaccurate. The irony.

    What happens on blogs is that one person dares to have a difference of opinion from the blogger, then the followers join in and tell that person what a vile person they are and how nasty. Often being far nastier than anything the person themselves said in the first place. Incidentally, I have read an awful lot of nasty comments about extroverts from introverts and what they expect but have yet to read the same said about introverts from an extrovert. Perhaps that is why your post (being yet more criticisms about extroverts) upset me. I am always left wondering about the nasty thoughts introverts are having about us all which they don’t choose to put out there, but they make you aware that they disapprove of you one way or another and then dump on you in the end, i.e. your post. Still, better out than in – far better to know where you stand with people. I would be hurt as a friend who thinks they have been nice but finds out only in a blog post or from another person that they have been upset instead. I have been amazed when people who are polite to a person can be so rude about them in the name of not liking conflict yet are so passive aggressive. I have witnessed a friend being sweetness herself to a friend on the phone, and only from what she said to me afterwards did I know that really she was furious. It is far from helpful behaviour. It was frightening to know that people hide their feelings like that. An example of passive aggression is the comment about what an ‘angry’ person I obviously am. Spiteful too. And not largely accurate.

    Personally I exhibit a lot of introverted behaviour and like my own company, very in depth conversations and reading but am without a doubt am an extrovert who is enlivened by the company of others and has my energy increased by it. I don’t shout or roam in groups. But I love parties and can go anyway where I know no one and find common ground and someone to talk to and enjoy it. I will always want to meet up with friends. I was actually painfully shy as a child and spent a lot of time alone, which as you say is not the same thing but I felt alone then and not happy about it. However it taught me never to be lonely which is a great thing. My daughter who was a noisy little person, is undoubtedly an adult introvert. She still has plenty to say, much as you describe to those she knows, but she is very self reliant and prefers her own company but is still a friendly person. She can talk to a group with confidence where I cannot. An extrovert is validated by others in a way that introverts don’t need. Introverts often have better esteem and self reliance. Behaviour wise, you can often not tell one from the other – which is why polarised posts are not that helpful.

    Apologies for affecting your day negatively yesterday but honestly so was mine and being picked out today isn’t very nice either. (I wonder that you don’t see that?) I don’t however require acknowledgement of that. It’s a small thing in the scheme of life isn’t it when others are worrying about what food they are going to eat today or where their children are to sleep.

    I shall not be responding further to save bringing more unpleasantness to your blog. My intention was not to be a troll but to put the other side. Egos often don’t allow for that though sadly, and many blogs call their readers names like trolls rather than have any discussion. And yes I know you haven’t because that would be too much like confrontation which apparently you don’t like. Yet I feel that inference anyway from what you say.

  3. deltadawnedge@yahoo.com says:

    I adore this painting! For years I had difficulty saying out loud what was in my heart and sometimes I still do, but much less so. I’m not sure why this was true, I certainly wasn’t trying to hide my feelings. Perhaps I just communicate better in other ways. Your “voice” comes through so loudly in your paintings and what a beautiful voice it is!

  4. Koliti says:

    Hey Regina! This is such a powerful piece. I was impressed with it when I saw it at your last art show.

    With your blog & art, you have opened your heart up to the world and invited us in.
    (That does not sound very ‘introvert” of you 😉
    You send beautiful ripples out into the universe.
    I hope you have a day filled with GOOD Vibrations 🙂

  5. christy says:

    what a powerful, beautiful piece!
    it definitely speaks loud and clear to me!
    thanks for sharing!

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