bird ornaments

bird ornaments by Regina Lord

I finally finished up my bird ornaments.

bird ornaments by Regina Lord

21 made. The pictures, if I’m allowed to say, don’t do them justice. They are glossy smooth with encaustic wax and have pretty, sparkling gold foil accents, which you can’t see very well.

bird ornaments by Regina Lord

I have 14 more to paint, but I am saving them for after my upcoming show, which is this weekend in Phoenix.

bird ornaments by Regina Lord

So, I will be a mad woman for the rest of this week trying to get more stuff made. Eeeks!

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8 Responses to bird ornaments

  1. Angella says:

    I hope that you will be able to get it all done in time Regina. I am making goodies for a craft market on 29 Nov and I seem to be getting “nowhere fast” !!!! Bird ornaments are lovely. Have a happy, productive week. I got this in a meditation the other day (might be helpful) “the lighter you are the more you can do and the further you can go” . Let your heart be light. much love.

  2. Teresa says:

    Wow! All gorgeous!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Anne in NC says:

    Please make some for your shop!! They are magical.

  4. Amazing. Good luck at the fair. I know you will be successful

  5. Deb Morgan says:

    Hi –
    I love your bird ornaments! Can they be purchased online? Thanks!

  6. katy says:

    these look great, i love mine!! it hangs in my kitchen year round so i can always see it:)

  7. Koliti says:

    Awww…..Regina, these are such a SWEET tweet!
    Love the organic built-in frame and the curly-Q wire work.
    They are enchanting 🙂

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