chair in progress

Boy! What a project this has been. I think I drove to the fabric store 3 times today. Fortunately, it’s only a mile away. But still!

The painting of the chair was completed on Thursday, but I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before tackling the upholstery.  I used Montana Colors (MTN 94) spray paint, that I got at Ace Hardware.  It’s actually marketed as graffiti paint, but the woman at Ace (and my friend Rhonda) sold me on it’s awesome spraying power, fuller can, and great staying power. I was sold and completely impressed. Plus, the color selection is INSANE!

chair makeover

I used Hydra Blue, then mixed up a darker blue color with my acrylics to make a glaze. I really wanted the wood carving to pop. Then I used Montana Colors satin finish to protect it all.

chair makeover

The hard part was today. Remind me to get a better staple gun next time. My poor hand is bruised from all the stapling. And don’t get me started on the fabric cutting.  Measure 10 times, then cut! That should be the rule. I messed that up and had to get different fabric for the back. No biggie though. It all worked out.

I ran out of light before I was able to finish, so I will reveal the complete chair tomorrow or the next.

Have a happy weekend!!

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One Response to chair in progress

  1. Koliti says:

    Hey Regina! Your chair is looking scrumptious – love the colors!

    I’m sewing oven mitts (for some friends who cook) – so I know what you mean about fabric. For example, when you cut 3″ squares from fabric and sew them together, what do you get? A #!@$ rhomboid!!!

    Paper – You can trust paper – You cut a 3″ square of paper and BOOM! You get a 3″ square.

    Looking forward to your chair reveal 🙂

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