My art at Tucson Coffee Roasters

Creative Kismet at Tucson Coffee Roasters

I have my art hanging at Tucson Coffee Roasters for the month of September.

Creative Kismet Art at Tucson Coffee Roasters

I don’t drink very much coffee, but when I do I believe in support local only.

Tucson Coffee Roast is a treat for my husband and I.  They give chocolate covered coffee beans with every cup. YUM!  The coffee is good too, but I like to get me a chai latte — nice and spicy.

Regina Lord Art at Tucson Coffee Roasters

I don’t know if it is common to buy art at a coffee shop, but I thought it would be a great place to hang my art during a non-art-show month. Just to get more eyes on it.  So far, I’ve sold five pieces which is very exciting and completely unexpected.  So cool!

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3 Responses to My art at Tucson Coffee Roasters

  1. Barb says:

    What a nice space! I’m so happy that you’ve had good sales here. 🙂

  2. Wendy ten Hove says:

    What a lovely collection, I can see why tell sell good! Gorgeous!

  3. Wendy ten Hove says:

    Hello dear Regina,
    Understandably I can not comment on your latets post about cancelling the eCourse, but I wanted to let you know that I feel for you! I can see in your Birds, Blooms and Butterflies course, that I’m still enjoying very much at the moment, that it’s a lot of work and you have to have an amount of people interested before you can commit to it. I definitely was interested, but for me not the right moment, sorry for that. I bought a few courses allready, your BBB and also Let’s face it and LifeBook and quite a few lessons to go, but because I love your way of painting and teaching, this one definitely went on the wishlist. Not to tell you you should proceed or something, because that’s completely up to you, but to let you know that your courses definitely are loved and I thank you for your work on the courses and your gorgeous art! Much love, Wendy

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