They’re Here!!!!

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Today I received my Valentine’s Day trading cards. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful and perfect they all are. All so very different and all so very special! I haven’t been able to stop looking at them since they arrived.

The very top item is that really fun girly paper game that everyone used to play in school. It was an extra special treat, along with the chocolate sweets, from Amy the host. I’m really going to have to shuffle the old brain files to remmber how to play the little paper game.

Left top row: A beautiful fabric collage with bird, heart and flower made by Cindy. Middle top row: A beautiful golden winged heart with button made by Vesna(no link). Right top row: A wonderful cupid collage made by Elizabeth(no link). Bottom right: A fabulous old photo with clock and key made by Michelle. And last but not least, bottom left: an amazing paper collage of sorts with transparent cupid frame made by Amy herself!! You can see all the submission for the trade here. And you can see the cards I made here. I really have to say that my first trading experience couldn’t have been more perfect. Thanks Amy!!

valentine girl.jpgOne more thing to share before I sign off. A little valentine from my mother-in-law. It’s a vintage valentine girl. Isn’t she just totally precious. I only wish there was a date on the back of this little beauty. You can’t really tell, but the hat tips forward and back. Thank you very much Grandma C.!

valentine hat2.jpg


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2 Responses to They’re Here!!!!

  1. amy says:

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I haven’t checked the mail yet today for ours, but I’m hoping they’ll be here :). Thanks again for participating, it was great fun!

  2. moki says:

    Ack! I didnt get mine yet! Love the new blog BTW

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