Valentines Day Revisited

Yesterday I had a very nice day. I hope everyone’s V-day was full of lots of love, hugs and kisses!

I just wanted to share a few things that I made. Here are some valentines that me and my little boy made for a few friends and family. First we made wax paper crayon hearts. We used them, along with stickers and scrapbook paper, to decorate little pieces of construction paper. They came out really cute.


I also made my hubby this snazzy little valentine. It is in accordian book style made with clear mylar(?) sheets and mini watercolor and ink drawings all sewn together on my sewing machine. Sewing paper with a sewing machine is a new discovery. I think I’m addicted. Finally something my dinky little sewing machine can handle!

valentine for ry2.jpg

valentine for ry.jpg

It reads: Your my chocolate cake, my pink milkshake, my red red ruby wine. My soul, my heart, can’t be apart from my Valentine!

I had so much fun sewing the paper valentine, that I made another just for fun- just for me!

heart c.jpg
heart c2.jpg
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  1. Oh my, those are beautiful! Your wax hearts are wonderful, very colorful. I may have to save mine for valentine cards next year. The hubby card is awesome. Now, when sewing these are you just sewing as if your using fabric? Do you need a special needle? even a special kind of machine? I have seen “paper” sewing machines at A.C. Moore, there small and inexpensive, but can I just use mine? I have been becoming itchy to try this. Like I need something else to get into!!!
    Those are fantastic cards, really, like fancy card store quality!!! hmmm maybe an idea for you?

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