Okay, I have not totally forgotten about learning to knit. I think about it all the time. I yearningly look at my sad half finished little scarf everyday. The problem? Two kids, no time, yarn issues. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses. Really though, I can’t knit when the kids are around because one wants to pull on the string and the other wants to play sword fighting with my sticks!! So, I have tried to knit during nap/quiet time or when the kids go to bed for the night. But, I’m one of those crafters that has a gazillion projects half started and when I finally have time to do something, I just end up getting discouraged looking at the pile of half finished projects and end up reading other people’s blogs instead! It is sad I know. I even tried knitting while watching the olympics, but ended up with holes in my scarf. I am still too much in the learning phase to be trying to watch TV and knit at the same time. I could hurt someone.

blue scarf.jpgI promised myself I wouldn’t start something new to knit until I finished this scarf. The problem is that I dont really like the color or the yarn (acrylic) and I cast on 25 stitches but now have 27 which may be due to the two holes (see white circles). They seem so obvious when I have it in hand but not so obvious here. Anyway, there is ribbing to this scarf, so maybe once I get to that part I’ll like it a little better. This scarf would actually look really cute on my little E-guy. So, I will tread onward and finish this scarf!!!

I did finally manage to go to the knitting group I found on My hubby actually pushed me out the door because I hate going outside my comfort zone. I’m glad he did. I had a really nice wine-I mean time!!! Okay, there was wine there and I did enjoy a glass full but the company was very nice as well! I even met another crazy blogging person (Hi Tasha!) I am glad I went and I will definitely go to the next meet up! Hopefully I’ll have a new project in hand!!

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6 Responses to Knitting?

  1. I’m so glad it worked out for you! That’s awesome!

    Your scarf will be fabulous. Wait until you see the disaster that was my first sweater. I’m posting it Tuesday. It was totally ridiculous and not wearable. It will make your scarf look like cashmere baby.

  2. Hey, some projects just need time to sit, ferment, distill even(see my correlation with WINE!) You are lucky and brave to go to a meeting! I don’t know of any meetings, in my neck of the woods, and shy enough to have a hard time getting out of the house.

    I don’t know too many knitters that don’t have less than two projects going on, so you are being very, very good to get one done, before starting another.

  3. Harmonia says:

    Come check out the new Meme I started! It’s the Midweek Munchies Post with a code to (hopefully) make it easier. I would love for you to help get this thing started and help spread the word! I think it will be fun!!!

  4. shannonjyl says:

    i was a knitter for years..
    i learned crochet is much easier medium to “drop” suddenly to blow a nose or get to the potty..
    thankyou for your comment on thursday’s blog..
    love your site.

  5. Trishi says:

    I was just browsing through the web and found your knitting blog. I am completely clueless as to where to start in learning to knit. I want to make an acrylic scarf for my boyfriend but I do not know where to begin. I want to learn to knit but I do not know what I need to buy to learn and where to learn. Can you give me any suggestions? My boyfriend’s birthday is in a little over a month so I do not think I can get it done by then, but I will try to learn to knit and hopefully learn in time to give him his scarf by Christmas. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. I’m so new at this I don’t even understand where casting on means 🙁 Please, if you have the time, help me out. I do not know where to go! 🙁

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