Incredible Vegan Carrot Cake

carrot cake.jpg

I made this cake for my baby’s first birthday. It turned out great and he loved it! I got the recipe from VegWeb. I made a few changes to the recipe and it still turned out wonderful. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of sugar total. I decreased it to one cup total and thank goodness I did. With the super sweet frosting you really don’t miss it (next time I might decrease the sugar in that too). I also decreased the amount of oil from 1 cup to 2/3 cups and it was still very moist. You should try it out! It’s truly delicious. Any non-vegan/vegetarian wouldn’t know the difference!


Here is my little I-guy enjoying his very first piece of cake!

post note: My husband has never been a big fan of carrot cake. He also doesn’t like pineapple or coconut flakes which this recipe has. He did however, eat more than half of it and gave me permission to announce to the world, that he infact, did LOVE this carrot cake!

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2 Responses to Incredible Vegan Carrot Cake

  1. What a neat eater! My kids would have that covering their face! Though it looks like he’s thinking about how to dive in!

    Congratulations, and Happy Birthday to your son. That is a sweet bib, and nice size.

  2. Becky says:

    What a sweet little boy. He looks fab in his crown and bib. Happy birthday to your son!

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