Illustration Friday- Insect


Insects. Hmmm. Not a big fan of most creepy crawly things. Cockroaches and mosquitos are my least favorite. I just have to look at a mosquito and I immediately begin swelling up and itching. I once went camping in Utah with my husband, I can’t remember where exactly, but we spent the day hiking (at high altitudes) and for some reason I didn’t drink very much water. Later that night I ended up going a little crazy thinking that our bus (1973 Volkswagen campervan) was full of mosquitos trying to suck my blood!!!! My poor husband had to get some light on the subject to prove to me that there in fact, was not a single insect near me! I swear it was dehydration and the high altitude that made my freak out !! Ahhh. Good times! We had a pretty good laugh about it the next day. My husband still does a pretty good reenactment of the whole scenerio. It’s pretty funny.

ladybugring.jpg I do love butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies. Their beauty and colors are inspiring. Of course I’m thinking of all this now, post painting. The topic insect kind of had me stumped at first. Then I cam across this ring that my Grandpa gave me a long time ago ( He often collected interesting jewelry pieces from yard sales). After seeing it, I decided that I somehow had to put this ring into my art piece. The ring is a turquoise and silver beetle. Many of the stones are missing from it, but I still love it’s beautiful color and detail. I’m not able to wear it, the ring size is too large, but I love to look at it and all of the fun costume jewelry that he has given me through the years. I have quite a large collection that I will cherish forever.

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14 Responses to Illustration Friday- Insect

  1. Shano says:

    Beautiful! I love the unique ring. Great inspiration for your piece 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    This is lovely – and that rose looks like an insect magnet to me!

  3. valgalart says:

    wonderful portrait, so serene with the beautiful ring! absolutely love it!!! funny story too!

  4. alexa says:

    Your art is always such a delight! I enjoyed reading your story about the Utah Camping trip–Isn’t high altitude grand! 🙂 Wonderful painting!

  5. This is great! And I love the story.
    One everyone should see this week!

  6. bron says:

    I like her musing expression, the way you painted the rose, and the beautiful blue color of the ring.

  7. valgalart says:

    love your portrait so beautiful and serene and the lovely ring! wonderful work!!!

  8. Tammy Hanna says:

    Beautiful painting, very dreamy.

  9. miragee says:

    You certainly present the theme in a very elegant way! I love the rose and the beautiful ring on the lady’s finger!

  10. carla says:

    I just love how you found a way to “wear” that ring! The painting has such a mood of reverie…she’s daydreaming about something…and it seems symbolic as wll with the flower on her foot. It’s really a lovely compsition with a mood that makes me feel calm (and i need that feeling right now:>)

  11. Holly says:

    Great work and cool ring!

  12. Hardwax says:

    Love your artwork, and interesting your take on the theme.

  13. Zórdis says:

    This is beautiful piece and the treasure of a memory the best! I agree with loving butterflys and ladybugs. Most of the insect kingdom does not bright me up but the neccesere of life is what count.

    Nice illo and just so fancy ring!

  14. Ninetta says:

    Aaah. Romantic and sensuous. It reminds me of Mogdiliani. Simply wonderful.

    How something so delicately small like a dragonfly ring can make such a HUGE difference. The little touch…
    Nice thought process; much admired.

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