Inspire Me Thursday- Five Senses

Inspire Me Thursday is a weekly artistic challenge which is posted on the Thursday of every week and must be compleed before the following Thursday.

This week’s challenge involves some sensory exploration: Can you use all five of your senses in your creative process? (See, Smell, Taste, Hear, Touch)
My head was seriously spinning after reading this weeks challenge. I can see and touch art, but taste, hear and smell? I had to really think about this one. Part 1 of my inspiration came from a special delivery to my front door on Friday afternoon. A late birthday bouquet of carnations from my aunt M and uncle M. They are beautiful and their floural scent fills the house. Well this got some juices flowing but I still wasn’t sure what to do next. Part II of my inspiration came from watching my 1 year old little guy interact with the flowers. I sat him next to the bouquet on the table. First he looked, unsure and hesitant, then slowly he touched, listening for encouragement from me. Next he leaned in with his nose touching to the flowers, the strong scent filling his every breath, and finally opening his little mouth as if trying to take a bite.


see: Today I looked through my camera lense and captured pieces of his new experience with these flowers. I took a small piece of one of these photos (his profile) and slightly manipulated the image on the computer printing it out on textured flower petal paper.

touch: I tore pieces of pink paper, pulled strings of fiber off a piece of jute material and dabbed paint with my finger onto paper.

listen: The tearing of paper,my children laughing and playing together and Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald singing duets in the background.

smell: Flowers, glue and paint.

taste: The taste of a soft chewy chocolate chip cookie that I made the night before.

This was a wonderful and very challenging experience allowing me to think about and look at art in a totally different way.

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8 Responses to Inspire Me Thursday- Five Senses

  1. carla says:

    You did a great job with this rather difficult challenge. I’m still mulling it all over. I’ve had a few ideas and have tried a few things, but mostly have just made a big mess! Not only is your image really pretty; the description of the atmosphere that surrounded its creation is fabulous… jazz, laughing children, choclate chip cookies…a little bit of heaven!

  2. This is wonderful. The lines of the child’s face really captivate me. Puffy, full, childlike and dark against the pink. Great sensory exploration!

    That insect ring is beautiful. Have you wondered who would wear that, since it is so large? Is it old, really old? Things like that are wonderful things to keep in the family!

  3. andrea says:

    Wow, great job! I had a horrible time with this weeks theme. It’s wonderful!

  4. Geninne says:

    Hey Regina! Glad U liked the pancakes :o)
    Great job on this week’s IMT challenge! It’s so hard to step aside of what you’re used to doing…but it’s also very fun and it sparks your creativity.
    Oh, and I loved the IF illo too, the ring is gorgeous and exotic.

  5. Ninetta says:

    How creative! I love it when one breaks all the limitating mental frontiers and freely explore all the senses…

    p.s Thanks for dropping by and leaving a “generous” comment for my insect illo. Must say, I love YOURS. It is very Mogdiliani! GORGEOUS!

  6. Kirsten says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You really brought the ‘5 senses’ thing out well in what you created – I interpreted it a little differently and my entry doesn’t make you feel the senses when you look at it. I Love the torn paper and the material background. Just lovely!

  7. Cheap Tart says:

    Very beautiful… love how you did it and the 5 senses. COOL!

    Please stop by to throw in your 2 cents… need guy advice. Am asking bloggers to help me…. all in fun!

    The Tart

  8. kelly says:

    this is just beautiful…love the textured papers and combination of digital art + collage. Thank you for your kind words and personal insight on my self-portrait post…looking at ourselves is a tenuous and difficult journey, but one definitely worth travelling. i’ve enjoyed perusing your site and i look forward to seeing more of your art! hugs, kelly

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