Illustration Friday- Feet

Little Feet

This week’s topic is a no brainer for me because I love little feet. Especially my two little guy’s feet. The coming of beautiful warm spring weather means the running around of little bare feet at my house. Little toes and feet being tickled by newly growing grass and wet from water sprinklers in the yard.

Before I was a stay-at-home mom, I was a postpartum nurse, taking care of mommies and babies right after delivery. One of the greatest joys of this job is assessing new babies. Looking at curious new eyes, the strength of little hands grasping your finger, little mouths opening ready to be fed and the counting of little toes. I love the feel of baby feet, there soft padded bottoms and little toes curling and stretching. It is truly heart warming.

When my babies were very little, you could usually find me with one hand caressing or holding those soft little toes and feet. Now that my littlest one is starting to walk, there isn’t much of that happening anymore- sniff, sniff.

This week I thought it the perfect time to pull out my rubber stamping supplies and carve out a print. This is a 4″ x 5.5″ stamp. It is printed with black ink on white linen paper, then colored in with colored pencils.

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15 Responses to Illustration Friday- Feet

  1. This is so sweet great work!…-me too longing for the spring…almost there!!

  2. How very cool you just carved this…so talented you are.

  3. Oh and less than 2 days and counting…are you scrambling like we are?

  4. The Unknown says:

    Love the illo and words.
    I can’t wait for spring.

  5. Lori Witzel says:

    Normally I’m a little shy about cute, but this is really charming.
    Great toes.

  6. georg says:

    Sweet story, sweet illo – nice too.

  7. miragee says:

    Oh I love the little chubby feet too! They are so adorable, and even more so in your illo!

  8. Roz Foster says:

    I love the effect of stamping. And what a superb subject. Beautiful work!

  9. valgalart says:

    As usual your work is so heartfelt and heartwarming! wonderful in every way!!!

  10. carla says:

    What a great stamp! I love your commentary as well…little baby feet are so delicious, and bare feet and grass and springtime…delicious too! I love the textured feeling of this piece…the colored pencils worked really well!

  11. Geninne says:

    Awesome Regina! So adorable!

  12. This is great. I feel the same way about feet and hands. Soft, sweet and tiny. I love the fact you made this, carved it. This is something you can have forever, even now when the footsies in the house are getting bigger and bigger!

  13. Zórdis says:

    Love those chubby little feet, very good painting and love the way you have done it! this is so full of life!

  14. Oh my I can not believe you carved that stamp! It came out fabulous! What a wonderful illio. . .perfect!

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