Me Wee Bonnet



I made this baby bonnet for my little neice. I just had to make one because they are just super precious! I got the pattern from Angry Chicken’s mailorder packet. Lots of fun packed into a nice red envelope. I just might make a matching adult one for my sister. Now wouldn’t that be cute! Now if I can just get it off in the mail by tomorrow!

recycle.jpgAlso, in the spirit of upcoming Earth Day (4/22/06) I have decided to join in Simple Sparrow’s Use What You Have Month. For the rest of this month I will not buy any crafting supplies and simply use what I have. I made the bonnet above out of scrap fabric that I had. Heaven know’s (and so does my husband) that I have plenty to keep me busy for the rest of the month.

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4 Responses to Me Wee Bonnet

  1. Alina says:

    THis is sooo cute, pretty!

  2. You HAVE to post a pic of both of them wearing this. It is really beautiful and the fabric rocks.
    P.S Painfully going no where over here too.

  3. That is beautiful! Bravo for not buying any new supplies. Though I wonder what May shopping sprees, I mean May flowers will be like!
    How is that packet from Angry Chicken….I wanted to try one of those, but procrastination keeps getting in the way.

  4. Michelle says:

    I love that bonnet! Just checked the website and they’re sold out of the pattern!!!! Darn, I really want to make that for a special baby on the way…

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