In the mail

The mommy and baby bonnets are off in the mail for my sister and my niece. I am very hopeful that they will get to them before the weekend gets here and that my sister will kindly send me a picture of them (or at least my niece) wearing the bonnet.

Also in the mail to me (about a week ago) was a lovely packet of stickers from Moki’s sticker swap. The theme was spring and the challenge was to carve a 1 x 1 inch design out of rubber stamps. These three were my contribution to the swap.


This was what I received in return. A lovely assortment of some very delightful stickers. I love them all.


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2 Responses to In the mail

  1. rose says:

    I got some of yours, too! I also did a bee (inside the little envelope with the “self portrait” on it)

  2. Okay, now I am embarrassed! My little stamp was so simple, elementary, BORING. I can’t believe how well you did those, and all the others. Not to say I don’t think you could do them, but they really are quite intricate and I had such a hard time! Lucky you with all others you got too!

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