A busy weekend

We had a very very busy weekend. On Saturday we had a yard sale to rid ourselves of loads and loads of junk. I can’t believe how much stuff we have collected over the past ten or so years. It’s hard to believe that Ry-daddy and I lived in a 325 sq. ft. apt for 4 years! Yes, that’s right. While we were in college we lived in a teeny teeny apartment. It was actually family housing for those without children. It was cheap and we had everything we needed. So why do we have so much crap now! It just boggles my mind. Anyway, we made $350 for a bunch of junk- most of which I just gave away. Very very cool! Craft stores here I come (just kidding honey!)

Sunday we had a nice day, very Ry-daddyish. Some World Cup Soccer (2 games), a trip to the movies to see Cars (Super E & Daddy only), pineapple upside-down cake, and some basketball (go Heat!- yes, we are anti-Dallas since they beat the Suns). It was a good day for Daddy.

I was also able to finish my cards for the Hand Carved Stamp Recipe Card Swap. I’m having the hardest time with my printer. I wanted to print the recipe part out so I wouldn’t have to write it 10 times and it just wasn’t working to it’s fullest potential. I got it to work just enough to get them printed out, so they are not as pretty as I would like, but they will have to do. The other side of the card is covered with fun salsa themed stamps. I’ll be sending those out tomorrow.

super salsa

And I made this little backpack for Super E to help me carry kid stuff (one diaper, wipes, snacks, and water) to the playroom at the gym. Now he can carry this on his back instead of struggling to keep the straps of a bag on his shoulder. And I only have to carry my bag and my little I-guy. Much much better.


small back pack

Lastly, a quick note: Our house has officially sold. All the problems were worked out (deep sigh of relief) and we are on our way to the closing date (July 27). We still won’t be able to breathe easy until we have officially signed closing papers and are driving to Arizona. Until then, lots of packing I will be doing!

oh and check out my latest refashion project here.

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8 Responses to A busy weekend

  1. flossy-p says:

    Hoooray! Congratulations on selling your house. Look out Arizona!!!

  2. krista says:

    Oh Yay!!! I am so happy for you that your house is sold!!! No more inconsiderate house shoppers invading your life!!!!

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    Congrats on the house sale being official!

  4. moki says:

    LOVE the cards!!! yummy, I’d love some homemade salsa right now 🙂

    And I didn’t know you were moving to AZ…how did I miss that? You’ll be so close!

  5. Vicki says:

    that is the cutest backpack ever! & way to go with your garage sale ~ good $$ & your move will be lighter.

  6. Judy Scott says:

    How wonderful congratulations, now you get busy, love the back pack its so cute, Jx

  7. vanizie says:

    its pretty

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