Illustration Friday- Quiet

Quiet Night
16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas

Today is my main squeeze’s birthday.  We spent a quiet day not doing much of anything, but enjoyed it none-the-less.  I guess that’s what you do when you’ve been together for almost 15 years like we have, and are just getting old.  Nah, we’re not THAT old, but we’re getting there.  We just don’t throw a big fuss like we used to about birthdays now that we have kids- for eachother anyways.  Although, I should throw a fuss because he’s one amazing guy and I love him to pieces.  I did get him some yummy Thai take out and a very cool T.  Okay, who am I kidding. HE went and got take out so that he wouldn’t have to endure one of my birthday dinner frenzies where EVERY pot in the house gets used and dirty and the kitchen turns into a disaster zone.  Lets just say that I’ve gotten very carried away in the past and had to spend a good portion of the evening cleaning up my humongo mess. Not this time.  Thai food eaten, containers in the trash- No fuss, No mess.  Besides, my schmoopy is a no fuss, no mess kinda guy.

With no dishes to wash or kitchen to clean, we rushed the kids off to bed, so we could enjoy a nice movie alone.  We watched Paper Clips.  Not really an upbeat, happy birthday kind of movie, but we have lost total controll over our Netflix que and it’s what came in the mail this week.  We have no idea what’s coming next or what’s even on the list.   Anyway, if you have not seen this movie then you must put it on your list and see it.  It is an amazing documentary about a middle school in rural Tennessee that collected a paper clip for every life lost in the Holocaust. It is a very profound lesson on fighting intolerance. Beautifully moving and very well done.

Oh, by the way, that no sleep idea of mine from my last post-  NOT A GOOD ONE.  I went and left the burner on (electric) after making tea that day.  Fortunately, the more responsible adult in the house noticed it  before something really bad happened.  So, note to self :  Do not operate heavy machinery or dangerous appliances with little to no sleep.

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11 Responses to Illustration Friday- Quiet

  1. enigma says:

    beautiful scene, beautiful colors. love it ^^

  2. Fadinha says:

    i love the colours! and the scene reminds me Van Gogh’s “Cafe at Arles”.

  3. Amy Zaleski says:

    Quite charming work…I love this little street. The colors give it such a vibrancy even though it’s quiet looking.

  4. Shano says:

    Lovely! Quiet indeed. Your illo embodies all that is nightime and serene.

  5. great colors perspective and comp

  6. Gina Cuff says:

    Lovely painting! You’ve captured “quiet” perfectly.

  7. This is gorgeous, love the colours.

  8. flossy-p says:

    This is cool! Great colours, and I love the details like the ironwork sign, the ball-plant and the red door with the little windows. There’s a great sense in this illo of a place we’ve all been to, on a holiday or travelling. I especially like that there is no drunk person staggering home up the street 😉

  9. valgalart says:

    Of course I love this very much!!! Wonderful!

  10. vicki says:

    That is such a beautiful painting, Regina! Wow – I love everything about it – the colors, subject, & feeling it gives me. Happy birthday to Schmoo — You 2 sound a LOT like us!

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