#9 Spicy Sweet Holiday Treat

I found this great recipe for Habanero Jelly on Vegan Vice. It comes with an awesome video on how to make this yummy treat. Thanks Vicki!!


I can’t believe how incredibly easy it was to make this jelly. Makes me wonder why I’ve never tried jelly making before. It took me just under an hour to make it all. The best part was listening to my kids squeal with delight every time a jar sealed with a “pop”.

I filled twelve 4oz jars(quarter pints) with the recipe. And did I mention how delicious it is. You may have guessed that I like things a little on the spicy side. I used 6 habaneros, which is perfect for me. Probably on the very mild side for many of my family members that I will be giving this too. This would be really good with some crackers and tofutti cream cheese- yum! I was scooping out the little left-over bits in the pan with some pretzels- it’s soooo good!

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5 Responses to #9 Spicy Sweet Holiday Treat

  1. Anastasia says:

    How interesting!
    Ive never heard of Habeneros before – are they a vegetable?

  2. moki says:

    mmmm I was going to make green chile jam for my make along but am running out of time 😉

  3. Oh wow, this sounds good. I might have to squeeze this in for some extra christmas gifts!

  4. vicki says:

    yeaaaah, you made the jelly! you jars look so pretty all stacked up like that! it pleases me that you enjoyed it!! :o)

  5. Morgan says:

    i know what dry fruit pectin is, But what the heck dose the jus “1” mean? How is that a measurement, Or do they come in packets inside the box the gelatin?

    Also am i able to replace it with gelatin, whta would the convertions for amounts be?

    Thanks so much!

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