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Golden Tempeh Salad

I made more bagels a few days ago. Half wheat/white and whole wheat. I used this same recipe again. For the whole wheat I used whole wheat pastry flour and added a tablespoon of molasses. They were quite yummy.  It’ll … Continue reading

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strawberry time

The organic strawberries and blackberries have been on sale, so we have be buying them all week. They are so good and disappear quickly. Earlier in the week I found a vegan recipe for gelato and decided to modify it … Continue reading

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Had to make them..

Graham crackers. *They are super tasty. *I didn’t have any barley flour so I used buckwheat, which I had in the pantry. *They are veganized (with earth balance & almond milk). *It was easier than I thought it would be. … Continue reading

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chewy energy bars

I’m always looking for semi-healthy snacks for the kids- things that are not processed and full of sugar. We eat loads of fruit, but I like having chewy and crunchy things to munch on too. I’ve also been experimenting with … Continue reading

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simple bruised kale salad

I discovered this technique from my local CSA. Bruising kale is quick and easy and involves no cooking. It gives the kale a sort of cooked feel and flavor. I am guessing that it may be a raw food thing. … Continue reading

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some good bread

I made bread today using this recipe, as per all buttoned up. Not surprisingly, it’s halfway gone already. Two hungry boys and one hungry man will do that to a loaf (or two). I made these same modifications, but used … Continue reading

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miso, mushroom & udon noodle soup

I’ve been quiet over here.  I’v been immersing myself in the Mondo Beyondo experience and feeling a tad overwhelmed by my own dreams. It’s okay though. I feel I am growing.  Trying to let go of unwanted baggage and opening … Continue reading

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almonds anyone?

I think almonds are my favorite nut, but I won’t refuse a handful of cashew, pistachios or macadamia nuts.  Pecans and walnuts make it into many of my meals too.  Almonds though, are my savior.  I always have some in … Continue reading

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afternoon pick-me-up

This is my new favorite afternoon pick-me-up drink.  I discovered Mayan Cocoa Spice tea (Yogi brand) recently at the store and it was exactly what I needed.  Similar to Chai, it has a yummy spiced flavor but with chocolaty notes.  … Continue reading

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Rose Petal Mint Jelly

Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses. — James Oppenheim, “Bread and Roses” This is the first of three recipes using rose petals (hopefully).  I have 21 rose bushes, about 12 different varieties- all … Continue reading

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