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This whole home improvement is “whipping” me alright! We have half of the kitchen done now. The concrete countertops were finished today and they look amazing. They complement the concrete floors so well. I can’t wait to show pictures, but the tiled backsplash needs to be done first. I honestly can’t wait till the whole kitchen is finally complete. We’ve had no sink or working oven for the past 3 days. With all the burrito, thai food and cheeseless pizza take-out we’ve been doing lately, it’s no wonder I’ve been gaining weight. Ah well, ’tis the sacrifices one must make for remodeling.

My craft room is pretty high on the priority list as well. It is still a pile of boxes and stuffed bags. I’ve already had several breakdowns about it, believe me, but I am happy to report that that we are well on our way to me being the happy crafter I once was.

And because I like to talk the talk about saving the earth’s resources and treading lightly, I have been feeling pretty bunged up about getting new cabinets and such. I like to tell myself that the original 50 year old cabinets gave their all, and these new ones will hopefully last for at least another 50+ years. I’d love to buy all environmentally friendly materials, but oh those prices are nowhere within my little budget. Which is why we tried to reuse as much as possible and waste as little as possible. We have already unloaded heaps through Craigslist and repurposed many items, like this:

This was part of the old kitchen cabinetry. It, and a china cabinet, were used as a divider between the kitchen and the dining room. Taking it out gave us a much more open area. It is good solid wood that had been refaced with laminate covering. It was the only decent piece that we tore out. I pulled off all the yucky laminate, painted, added bead board and trim. I finally finished painting it this evening, only to realize that I had forgotten to paint the shleves. I work over the next 2 days, then have the whole weekend to finish the shelves, unpack and organize. Come Monday, I should be back to my regularly scheduled crafting.

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4 Responses to Home WIPs

  1. Michelle says:

    Great job on that cabinet, the bead board looks fantastic. I don’t know how you’re managing to get anything done with your little ones around. You’re a whiz, that’s for sure. Now, go to sleep, you must be exhausted!

  2. raesha says:

    I love how you repurposed the shelf….and I feel you about the environmental thing – I think being conscious of our choices and efforts is a good start:):) I can’t wait to see the kitchen and the craft room when they are done!

  3. Charli says:

    That cabinet came out really well! Being a bit of a storage fanatic, when I saw what you had done with it I kept thinking of all the storage possibilities!

  4. That cabinet turned out great and how wonderful to be able to reuse! I can’t wait to see the kitchen & craft rooms when they are finished!

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