Autumn Wristlet w/ tips

Well, it’s not anywhere close to feeling like fall here in the Southwest. In fact, we probably have another 1-2 months of warm, summer-like weather ahead. That won’t stop me from dreaming about cooler weather, fall colors, jeans and long sleeves.


So, I made this little wristlet. I love the colors in this tapestry fabric, dug up from this batch of remnant upholstery fabric, given to me a while back. I didn’t have enough to make a matching flap, so I did the best I could to find something that coordinated. Won’t this go great with a rust colored sweater, jeans and boots?

The style is from this wristlet I made a while back. I ripped it apart to make a pattern for this one. Here are a few tips on how to make your own wristlet with pleats:

1. Cut a 8 x 15 inch rectangle.

2. Create pleats, using pins, wherever you desire. I have three top pleats and one on the bottom. The middle pleats make one full, top-to-bottom pleat. Press with an iron if needed.

3. Once you get it how you like, sew a straight seam along the top and bottom to hold the pleats in place.

4. Now lay the pleated piece on top of a piece of paper. Trace the shape and cut out. You may need to fold the paper in half to make sure it is symmetrical. This piece is the pattern for two lining pieces and the back piece of the the bag.

5. Don’t forget the strap (I used a small D-ring to attach this one) and the flap, which is basically a half circle.  Oh, and I did a 1.5 inch gusset on the bottom corners to give it a somewhat sqared bottom.  Hopefully, you can figure out the rest.

Now, with sewing bags, I am totally winging it. I’ve had to figure it all out on my own. So I am sorry that I can’t provide you with a pattern. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that!  But, I can try to show you my thought process and how I got what I got.  I hope this is helpful.  Please, send me a line if you have any questions.  Cheers and good luck!

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4 Responses to Autumn Wristlet w/ tips

  1. Carolyn says:

    yes, this little pouch is gorgeous… it would look GREAT with the type of outfit you described.
    i’ve been making small tote bags lately… i may try your idea for pleats on a simple tote to dress it up a little. i kind of like having just a basic idea on how to do certain things and being able to just figure out the rest. it’s only a drag if you spend a lot of time or $ on something and have it not turn out.
    but frequently mistakes can turn out to be happy mistakes!

  2. That wristlet looks great! It would look wonderful with a fall type of outfit!

  3. Jenny says:

    Ewww…This is very pretty!

  4. Mary says:

    I can’t wait to make this. I do a lot of machine embroidery and see all kinds of possibilities here. Thanks.

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