The Winners!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this little contest. It was really a joy to read that others are trying to make a difference in their own special way. A whopping 20,000 people blogged about the environment on Monday with an estimated 14 million readers. That is flipping AMAZING! See more HERE. Looks like they are planning to do it again next year too.Here is a complied list of the really great things you guys are doing:

*Using cloth bags
*Biking or walking instead of driving, or carpooling
*Buying handmade and thrifted
*Picking up litter when you see it
*Adding vegetarian and vegan meals to your diet
*Buying thrifted and handmade
*Using cloth napkins, pads and diapers
*Hardcore recycling
*Teaching children, setting an example
*Using scrap paper for notes instead of buying notepads
*Living closer to your job to lessen the commute
*Using reusable water bottles, drinking tap water or using a water filter
*Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs
*Using reusable containers for packing food instead buying food packaged as single servings.
*Keeping the thermostat set at 80
*Eating local and organic produce
*Turning off the water when brushing your teeth
*Using nontoxic cleaners and laundry detergent, eliminating pesticides in the garden
*Mending, making and refashioning clothing
*Using a push mower instead of gas, buying indigenous plants for your yard to save water
*Investing in solar energy
*Reading the newspaper on-line
*Donating what you do not need to charity

Wow! Great stuff! It was really really hard deciding between all the great comments so I am picking 3 instead of 2 people. Here they are…..

  1. Linda (yiffersgirl)
  2. Sarah (princabessa)
  3. Melanie(gemstonegoddess)

Please email me (see sidebar) with your address and leave a comment with your first and second choice of bag on this post. (see bag link for choices)

Thanks again for all of the great support and comments. If anyone is interested, I could do a tutorial for these pillowcase bags. They are really easy and fun to make.

Here are my favorite blogs with a good eco-friendly vibe. Check ’em out:

Greeen as a thistle : Eco Mom Challenge : Sew Green : Simply Green : Great Green Goods : Niki-Shell : Simple Acts of Green : The Worsted Witch


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5 Responses to The Winners!!

  1. linda p says:

    you might also like my friends’ blog:


  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, thanks Regina! I never win anything, so this is exciting! I would like the orange and green lattice, if it is not taken!

    I will email my info to you!

    Thanks again! Oh, and if you ever have time to make the tutorial, I’d love to see it!

  3. Melanie says:

    Thank you, Regina! I’m so excited about this!! I’ll send you an email now. *grins*

    ~ And thanks for summarizing all the tips – I’m planning which one(s) to incorporate next!

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    Thank you for your support. Help us spread the word. We are making a difference!!!!

  5. raesha says:

    Yeah to the winners and yeah to us all for caring about our Mother Earth:):) Please do a tutorial for the bags….I love them! I bought a few more pillowcases at the thrift store to make some:)

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