First you have to see what my baby I-guy painted yesterday with his memaw (my mom). He only needed a wee bit of help with eyes, beaks and legs. These are so precious to me. His art is starting to take shape and become something other than a brown puddle of mixed up colors. I couldn’t be more proud.

(for memories sake, from left to right, a rainbow, grasshopper, orange, strawberry, chick, horse, sheep and humpty dumpty)

These beautiful embroidered beauties are dish towels given to me and made by my mother. Eight of them! They are so needed, but they will be so hard to use. They are gorgeous!!

Tomorrow, I will share something that I spent all day making.

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6 Responses to Sharing

  1. Teresa says:

    Wow! What wonderful paintings from the little one – and all are recognizable. The dish towels are lovely too – I’d find it hard to use them too – but I would – I love to use nice handmade things.

  2. Pasha Plum says:

    lovely dish towels and paintings too! Lucky, Lucky.

  3. Piecake says:

    Yes, lovely embroidery. Artistic talent is obvioulsy passed down through the generations.

  4. Lexi says:

    Your mothers dish towels are amazing!

  5. kathy says:

    OK, you better not use those towels. That’s what Martha Stewart’s k-mart line is for 😉 Your mother’s work is absolutely gorgeous, I would frame and hang them in my kitchen. They’d look good in embroidery hoop frames too.

  6. Oh I love I-guys’s paintings and those dish towels! I think both need framing 🙂

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