Tooth Fairy Tales

A little tooth fairy fellow came to our house last week and left a buck-fifty for a teeny little tooth. Super-E couldn’t have been more thrilled with the idea of a little fairy guy roaming the house with his lost tooth. In fact, the next day, Super-E found (!!!) the tooth we hid in a box in my room and came up to me demanding to know why his tooth was in my box. A little dumb-founded, I quickly replied, in my most convincing voice that, “oh my gosh, the fairy must have lost it when he was exploring our home!” Yes, of course! Happy with this, he sat to ponder the wonderful adventure this fairy must have had in our home. About a half hour later, he decided that we definitely need a fairy door to make it easier for the fairies to come and go as they please. We simply deposited the tooth back in the pillow and the fairy came that night to retrieve his lost tooth. Phew! THAT was a close one!!! Next time we must be more careful!

I carved a rubber stamp for the little fairy guy and smiley tooth and stamped them directly onto the fabric with my versa magic inks. I want to make a “lost tooth” journal using the stamps so Super-E can document the when and how he lost each tooth. I wish I could remember how I lost mine. All I remember is how it felt to push around the loose tooth with my tongue and the empty whole it left when it was finally gone.

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11 Responses to Tooth Fairy Tales

  1. Ruth says:

    that’s such a quaint idea!

  2. Michele says:

    Oops…he found the tooth!? Nice save though! 😉

  3. Taryn says:

    Great save!! When teeth were found in the back of my jewelry box I told them they were mine and that I didn’t let the tooth fairy take them because I had wanted to keep them. lol It worked for them too. 8′)

  4. Green Mamma says:

    I am looking forward to the days of the tooth fairy. For now we are doing our best to comfort our little one during her teething days. Anyway, what a great save! Cute tooth pillow too. =)

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh, Rebecca did the same thing, and found the tooth in a jewelry box on my bureau. I just told her I left some money out to buy it back from the tooth fairy so I could keep it as a memento. Sheesh, the things we have to think up! Great pillow, you are the most awesomest stamp carver ever!

  6. Jenny says:

    I remember being 6 or 7 and having the discussion with my brother who was 12 or 13 at the time. Thankfully (for my mom) he played along and didn’t dispell the magic. When I asked what the toothfairy did with all of the baby teeth he suggested that she must put them in a box for each person and turns them into dentures for when they get old. My brother is retiring from the Air Force after 25 years of service next month, I’m going to be sure to tell that story 😉

  7. Alexis says:

    I love your little fairy guy! Oh man, your story reminds me of a similar oops! I made. Recently at a class with Maia, my 3 yo, another mom asked me, “Oh, those are cute barrettes, where did you get them?” I said, “Thanks, I made them…” and Maia said, “No Mommy, the Easter Bunny brought those”. Um, yeah, oops, silly Mommy. Luckily, the other mom helped me play it off. Yikes! The journal idea sound like fun too. I’m feeling a little sad about losing my little baby-faced Sofia.

  8. whew you dodged the bullet with that one. The pillow is so cute!!! I would love to make one for my three kiddos!

  9. Great pillow and stamps! We love reading the book “Throw your tooth on the roof” which is all about different tooth traditions around the world. Jaylene threw the first two teeth she lost away, as she couldn’t believe that her teeth could possibly be those teeny tiny white rocks.

  10. Rebecca says:

    too funny!!! Things like that happen all time with me. I have learned though to always ask, “So who gave that to you?” Cause more often than not, it was Santa, not mommy…hmph. Kids remember everything! Like elephants.

  11. I love the pillow! It’s so cute!

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