Meet My New Friend

This is my new friend. Isn’t she cute?! She is 33 years old and hasn’t been used in a long, long time.

A very dear friend from work, Nurse Janet, gave her to me!! The sewing machine belonged to her mother who passed away a while back and neither her, nor her sisters sew or will ever use it. Heartbreaking, I know. So, it was me who became the lucky recipient!!  I am so incredibly grateful and honored that she found me deserving of this beautiful little treasure.


I promise to take good care of her and sew with her often.  She will be the back-up machine I never had.  Plus, I think I will teach Super E to sew on this. He is very intrigued by all of the stitching disks and knee pedal, as am I.

She lives in a beautiful maple cabinet that has been placed in a nice spot in my living room.  I think I will have to make a quilted wall hanging to cover that piece of bare wall above her. We fired her up the other day and she makes the sweetest, “tickity, tickity, tickity, tickity” sound, along with a horrid screeching sound too.  She definitely needs a good cleaning and some oil and then I will test her out again in depth.  Anyone out there have/ever had one of these?  Is it a good machine? We’ll have to see what kind of sewing relationship we have together.  Hopefully it’s a good one.

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12 Responses to Meet My New Friend

  1. Tine says:

    Oh she is beautiful!
    Lucky lucky lucky you!

  2. amy says:

    What a boon for you! From the looks of that cabinet she was well cared for for as long as her former owner was able. I hope she works out for you too.

  3. Grayangi says:

    She is beautiful!! What an awesome treasure!

    I have a metallic brown all metal singer a few years older than her (’68 maybe) that is my favorite machine (I learned to sew on it when I was about 6). I have a bunch of those disks too – I love them! Newer machines don’t do those fun stitches like mine does. It also has all sorts of great attachments like a button holer, a ruffler, and something that ‘makes’ double fold bias tape while it sews it on. Very cool do-dads for such as ‘old’ machine. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

    Hope you get her running smoothly soon! 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    She looks like a total badass!

  5. Teresa says:

    It looks like a lovely machine – you are blessed!

  6. Regina says:

    Forgive double comments if this goes through twice…

    New machines must be in the air – a new new one is coming home to my house tonight.

    I am sure your new beauty will purr like a kitten with a little TLC -my old machine is getting a tune up and soon my Munchkin will learn on her, too.

    Brilliant minds!!!


  7. Aunt Jenny says:

    She’s so cute Regi! What a lovely thing that your friend gave that to you. Maybe someday you can teach me to sew 😉
    Love ya sista!
    Aunt Jenny

  8. cindy says:

    What a lovely gift. I am sure she was so happy to have someone to use it. That is such a beautiful sewing cabinet.

  9. Expat Mom says:

    I LOVE it! Older machines are the best, they can handle anything you put them to, even six layers of denim. I used to have an old metal Singer that made a lot of noise and only had one speed – TURBO, but that sucker sewed sailcloth and denim like it was fine cotton.

    Congrats on your new friend!

  10. She looks pretty cool 🙂 Lucky you!

  11. LauraJ says:

    She’s a beauty alright! Makes me want to run out to my nearest thrift shop and get one! I am loving the cabinet!

  12. Shelly G. says:

    I learned to sew on a White… Many years ago;) It was my mom’s it was older and simpler then your new friend… I loved it… It was so sturdy…Good luck and many fun projects ahead…

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