Can’t let it zoom by

My little Super E is out of school and we are faced with all the wondrous possibilities of summer. The list is grand so I must FOCUS. We can’t let is zoom by too fast.

So you may be seeing a little less crafting this summer from me. With both guys home all day, I will be quite busy and I want to focus on the joys of summer.

The sun is waking us up early, giving us lots of time to enjoy these fleeting days. We have lots to do. Super E has made a list…

* Road Trip to Colorado
* Camping
* A big book list & lots of library trips
* Rock candy making
* Swimming
* Vegan ice cream and snow cones
* Someone’s 7th birthday party
* Lots of hiking in the mountains
* Drive-in movies
* Letter writing to pen pal
* Have lots of FUN!!!

My list is a bit smaller this summer
* Study, study, study! My big lactation exam is July 28th. Eeeks!!
* A few skirts
* A couple of tops (check out this mini -wardrobe challenge)
* A painting or two
* Finally completing some house projects (the ones I keep yammering about).
* Relax and have FUN!!!

What do you have planned? Hope it’s lots of fun!

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9 Responses to Can’t let it zoom by

  1. flossy-p says:

    WOW that’s a pretty big (and creative) list. Sounds like Super E is really looking forward to this Summer. I hope you have fun! Summer always goes so fast, enjoy every minute of it.

  2. liz says:

    ah, yes – the joys of crafting with two little ones at home – i know that story well!
    it’s hard to find that balance, but a little here and a little there… and eventually the important things get finished.

    sounds like you guys have some great stuff planned for the summer – have fun!
    (and great photos, by the way!)

  3. Teresa says:

    It looks like you have a fun summer planned – Have Fun!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love that pic….says it all right there…so yours are out of school already…? I still have a few more weeks, but I am starting to feel the heat…!!! The constant, “can I have a friend over?, I am bored, can I have a sleep-over? can I have 12 girls over for pizza on friday….?

    oh, man, I am in for it!!! Maybe we can trade kids? How bout that!!!!! Seriously girls can be exhausting and brutal!

  5. Expat Mom says:

    Love that first photo! I have one very similar of Dorian. 🙂

    That´s a great list. I´ve got a lot of stuff I want to do this summer:
    – Repaint the boys´ room and cover the tin roof/ceiling with fabric.
    – Paint their dresser
    – Join that mini challenge, looks like fun!
    – Make curtains for my house
    – Make a starghan
    – Make a bright mobile for the boys
    – Write an ebook and set up a mailing list for my site.

  6. Jessica says:

    You all are out of school early- I still have 16 more days (not that I’m counting or anything…). Looks like an exciting/busy/relaxing summer you have planned. I’ve already started making my list (even though there are still lots of days…)
    – reading a good book/week
    – sewing lots of shirts and skirts (I’m thinking of the mini-challenge as well)
    – drive in movies
    – lots of bicycle riding and swimming
    – studying as well (I’m taking a couple summer courses for graduate school)

  7. cindy says:

    Sadly, nothing. I can’t believe summer is upon us. Sounds like a grand list you’ve got there. That top photo is amazing!

  8. Nerissa says:

    Cute pic of the kids! Looks like you’ll be busy this summer. We’ll be moving so I have my plate full too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!
    Take care

  9. andrea says:

    Oh you will have a great summer! We have 11 days left…and counting, woohoo!

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