aren’t they pretty?

We’ve been enjoying our weekend, sipping on some delicious blackberry smashes (recipe here) and watching old home videos of the kids. It’s so hard to believe that those teeny, fat babes can grow up so quickly into big, robust boys.

I’ve also been working on this skirt. I have to re-do the waistband because it’s too big. But I don’t care because I love the fabric soooo much. I tried following the Skirt Sew-along tutorial, but I couldn’t get my fabric to shirr for the waistband, so I made it with out. I still have to hem it, but I don’t think I’ll be making it as short as the one in the tutorial. Knee length is better for me. I’m hoping to wear it tomorrow when we take daddy out for dinner.

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  1. perches says:

    love the fabric, what a pretty skirt!

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