there’s no place like home (giveaway)

I love staying home for Christmas. We get up early, open prezzies, stay in our pj’s for most of the day, do a big puzzle, watch a movie  and just have a good time together. Then we go visit family a few days after, when it’s not as crazy busy.

I made these little ornaments with ‘home’ as my inspiration. Sadly, it doesn’t snow here. In fact, it was 80 degrees today, which is just insane. Really? It’s December for crying out loud!! Even my poor tortoise is confused. He came out of hibernation today to bask in the sun.

In case you are interested, these are made with 300lb watercolor paper, that I lightly scored with a craft knife and broke into little 2.5″ x 3 inch pieces.
* The snow is made with light molding paste, then sprinkled with glitter.
* The houses and trees are made with DAS paper clay (my new favorite crafting material), then painted with acrylic paint.
* Because these are part of my Creative Color Challenge swap, I only used green, red, white, black and gold colors.

I am also using these for Amy’s Ornament swap, which my husband says is cheating. It’s not, is it?

Lastly, I always give one of my ornaments away, so please leave a comment and I will pick a winner by Friday. Good Luck!!

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The winner is Sue May!!  Congrats~

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30 Responses to there’s no place like home (giveaway)

  1. Serenity Lord says:

    These are so cute! We do the same, just stay home together. It’s my favorite way to spend the holiday!

  2. Katie Agnew says:

    Totally not cheating, you are just being efficient 🙂 Love these little houses.

    PS, you don’t have to put me in the drawing, I am in Amy’s swap AND I’m her sister, so I am hoping that gives me enough pull to get one of these guys.
    PPS, don’t tell her I said that.

  3. Donna hamilton says:

    Wow they are all different. Cute!

  4. Amanda Pedro says:

    hey these are cool with the raised stars and everything. Is it heavy?
    I have to sing 2 church services on the day, so I let the kids open 1 present before I head out the door. they come to the later mass and then we go home to open presents, then out the door again for in laws or they come here. I relax on Dec. 26, but this year, it’s on sunday. You guessed it, 2 more services. So/.///// Bring on Dec. 27th!
    thanks for sharing

  5. Ginny says:

    These are super cool! I’d love to have one for my tree.

    I don’t think it is cheating either, hubby must not fully understand crafting, lol

  6. Sue May says:

    these are so unique, I’ve never seen ornaments quite like this, beautiful work!

  7. Michelle W. says:

    You know I love your giveaways!
    Beautifully done- and very efficient (not cheating at all!).

  8. Lisa Alden says:

    Nonsense..Tell your husband it’s called multi-tasking! These are just so cute!! Nice job!

  9. Shelley says:

    What adorable, cozy little houses! ^^

  10. angela says:

    80’s? Really? We’ve got a high in the upper 20’s for today. Wanna trade? The ornaments turned out beautifully. I cherish being at home with my family….there really is no place like home.

  11. kristie says:

    How cute! I agree – there’s no place like home for the holidays. In fact, it’s a rule around our home, we never go anywhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 80s? I’d take that! We went from 75 last week to 35 this week. Brrrrr.

  12. rae says:

    i was just talking to a friend last night about how we stay home for christmas. once we had our own children, we knew we wanted to do our own thing right here rather than bustling about trying to please everyone else. 😉 your ornies are cute and i don’t think it’s cheating at all!!

  13. Lisa L. says:

    Such sweet little ornaments! Lisa L.

  14. Jaime says:

    Those are so sweet! Here in Tn it is 22 and snowing, which is out of the norm. I will try to enjoy the winter weather for you : )

  15. Heather says:

    Adorable as always Ms. Regina! C’mon lucky number generator – pick me =)

  16. I wish you all the best for the holidays !
    I am a school teacher from Greece doing some crafting projects with kids. We get inspiration by your work ! Take care, Martha.

  17. elsa says:

    really lovely! how fun to do an ornament swap!

  18. Linda says:

    So adorable and would match my other house ornament from you!

  19. karen says:

    Love these ornaments, I’d love these in an ornament swap!Holiday wishes to you!

  20. suzy says:

    These are so pretty. And your Christmas Day sounds perfect – so nice to just relax and spend time together.

  21. heather says:

    i love the ornaments and i think they are perfect for an ornament exchange. Very original.

  22. KerowynA says:

    Beautiful work as always!

  23. Nihal says:

    Oh my, truly wonderful way to spread the Noel cheer with your so sweet creatures!

  24. Debby says:

    I love your Christmas spirit!! There Is no place like home (and family).

  25. Lisa says:

    Really pretty – thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  26. Deidre says:

    They are lovely – thanks for the giveaway!

  27. DeniseLynn says:

    Finally getting a break in my holiday hustle to peek here and see your happy art. I love your ornaments. {I’ve heard of the paper clay but have not tried it … not yet … but soon, your sweet little houses have inspired me!}

  28. Sarita says:

    Thank you for your generosity! What a sweet ornie 🙂 I would love to it, it would have a place of honor on our little tree.
    Happy Holidays and warm regards to you and your family from Mexico ~
    P.S. Love your blog!

  29. Leticia says:

    So cute Regina!!! Really getting me into the Christmas spririt (despite it still being 80 degrees)! =)

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