Celebrate Spring!

paper wings, available in my shop

If you’re not having spring like weather, then I made this post nice, bright and full of spring cheer for you.

Our household is starting to feel better and we are starting to get back into our groove again. I even finished a painting. It helps to have 80 degree sunshine outside and the doors and windows open, spring cleaning weather. We had an old friend from college come through and visit for a bit. It was so nice to catch up. There is nothing like a surprise visit to get the house cleaned up so much quicker and better than it would usually take.

Happy vernal equinox!


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4 Responses to Celebrate Spring!

  1. 80 degrees – wow. 🙂

    Happy spring!

  2. Ellen says:

    Wow! 80? I like spring but not a ‘hot’ spring. Happy springtime to you too. I think the blogosphere is lighting up with the change of season. Thanks for the bright colors!

  3. Tammy McGee says:

    Thanks Regina, Feeling pretty blue today…it just keeps snowing and snowing, and the kids have been really sick ( 104 fevers etc…) Your post cheered me up. Hope the kids get well enough that I have time to finish my trades and stuff. Have a wonderful day. T.

  4. PixieDust says:

    eeeeee! I love these colors! Beautiful painting…


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