Another mini art block, because they are so fun for me to make. I mean I am really loving these. I just got some metal letter stamps in the mail and had fun play with those too.

Also played with a bit of paper clay and a new clay stamp sheet. Maybe some pendants? And for the tiny bowls (no bigger than the palm of my hand), I was thinking a bit of paint and some yummy encaustic wax medium. Ooh la la!

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8 Responses to beauty

  1. spindelmaker says:

    It´s so much fun experimenting with encaustics. I´ve been planning to do it, but haven´t come around to it yet. Seeing what you´re doing, maybe I should just kick myself in the butt, and get started.

  2. Aren’t you glad submissions are over?! I get so stressed during that time! I was reading both this post and the next one…I need to clean out my studio as well. Taking the time to do it is another issue though! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  3. michelle says:

    GORGEOUS!!! hope you’re submitting to teach these somewhere!

  4. April Cole says:

    You are soooo creative, love it!

  5. Jessica says:

    These are so cool. I love stopping by here. Inspired every time!

  6. Simone says:

    I love these wood blocks you’ve been making. I need to try this encaustic wax technique.

  7. nicole says:

    beauty indeed!

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