109 degrees F (42.7 C) today! ugh!

That meant going to the pool early, eating 1/2 of a watermelon by myself and drinking lots of ice water.

I finished up some embroidery while munching on watermelon.  Another bird, like the spring one. This one inspired by the sun, of course, and hoping for much needed rain.

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11 Responses to hot,hot,hot

  1. Love the birdie! Hope you get some relief from the heat!

  2. elsa says:

    That is a bit hot ~ eating watermelon would be the thing to do.
    Love the birds ~ especially how you incorporated the daisy and sun.
    Wishing for something cool for you!

  3. spindelmaker says:

    109 degrees, you´re hot, and I´m green with envy!
    Midsummers day here was 50 degrees F, and now I have a cold AGAIN.
    The true midsummer-dream would be to be able to loose the woolen leggings and wander around in a light summer dress in the sun caressed by a warm breeze and yes, going to a pool eating watermelon…. ah, that will be a sweet day!
    Good thing I never complain about it, right?! 😉

  4. Teresa says:

    I love the hope embroidery! Beautiful! sending you some cool wishes from still chilly ND…

  5. Tammy McGee says:

    eeeks! Thats too hot! We have been dying for sun, and you guys sound like you are dying for some rain! Come visit me! and feel the cool drops on your skin. (cool is true…it was only 9 degrees C. here. ) Brr! But Id rather have too cold than too hot, I can always put on a sweater.LOL! Love the bird!! Embriodery is something Ive always wanted to try, but keep stalling! Miss you! Hope you get some beautiful rain soon! {{hugs}}

  6. carrie says:

    That is way too hot for me. I think I would melt!

    Beautiful bird 🙂

  7. April Cole says:

    Wow that is hot!!
    Love your embroidery, the bird is sweet :]
    Try not to melt (heheeheee)

  8. nicole says:

    I love that sun! It’s brilliant!

  9. Tepary says:

    I’m sweltering too. This year seems hotter, or maybe I just am older and prone to more complaining? Our neighbors just dropped off 1/2 a water melon and we devoured a fair portion this evening. I must say I’m impressed that you were able to keep that beautiful embroidery clean while eating watermelon.

  10. so sorry, so hot. but watermelon and embroidery sounds great to me. I LOVE how this came out. You should make patterns to sell. or a kit?

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