The kids were complaining this morning that there was absolutely NOTHING to do.  So, I pulled out some sheets of poly-shrink, which I had hidden away for the perfect moment.  They balked at me, rolled their eyes, but I ignored it and preceded to sit down with some gel pens and prisma colored pencils, and I began to draw. Within just a few minutes they were drawing too.

The exciting part came when we put them in the oven.  So exciting to see them move, curl, shrink and become flat again.  It was extra exciting when one of then popped off the cardboard onto the bottom of the oven~OY! That meant me trying to scoop it up with knife before it completely melted to the bottom. It also meant me getting 4 little burns on my arm and knuckles.  Ah, well.

They turned out great, but we forgot to put little holes in them. I think my little rotary tool will do the trick though. I made the mandala and the flower scene.  The colored pencils work really great for this.

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7 Responses to shrinkies

  1. stephanie says:

    how fun! my kids like these too.

  2. carrie says:

    The mandala is so pretty.

  3. April Cole says:

    These are great!
    What fun you are having with the children, enjoy :]

  4. doro K. says:

    i know the way your kids react on your suggestion very well 🙂 funny to know tha’s the same all over the world.

    but they look really cool. it seems you had a very creative morning.

    best wishes, doro K.

  5. spindelmaker says:

    What a great idea. And what a great phsycologist you are, tricking the kids into having fun 😉

  6. elsa says:

    like them all especially the little animal in the right corner ~ what a sneaky Mom you are!

  7. These are great, would look so cute on a necklace or bracelet.

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