Sugar overload

white and chocolate vegan cupcakes with creme filling

We celebrated my baby’s 7th birthday today (wahhh, sniff sniff). Seven. How does that happen so fast? My baby–he’s growing up.

He woke up saying, “Today I am doing 7 year old, second year math!!!” I guess that’s pretty exciting stuff.  And when I asked him if other parents go to the birthday celebration at school, he told me to just pretend it’s a normal day and stay home.  Just shoot me in the heart, please.

Well, it was better I stayed home anyway because I would have cried we had big stuff planned for when he got home.  I pretty much baked for most of the day and somehow squeezed in gift making.  I’m exhausted and totally sugared out, but it was totally worth it because he had a fabulous day.

I’ll show you his handmade gifts tomorrow.  Now I need to go to bed and sleep off this sugary-food hangover.

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3 Responses to Sugar overload

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! Happy birthday, to your little guy. I hear you on the tears and disbelief, my little one will be 7 in two months. Sigh. The cupcakes are beautiful (and I bet they were yummy), can’t wait to see what else you made.

  2. April Cole says:

    Happy Birthday to your, Son.
    Yes… time does fly by, my oldest is 25! (sigh)

  3. elsa says:

    oh, it is hard when they hit 7. I remember my son stopped calling me mommy was right about 7 years old. He’s 27 now and still the sweet boy I love (don’t ever tell him I said that).
    Happy Birthday to your son!

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