gifts for I-guy


No school today (parent teacher conferences) which means lots of free time to play with new toys, including riding a new razor. And the weather could not be more perfect.

I am so happy that homemade play dough is still such a big deal in this house. They both love it and they played with it all morning.  It is so cute — they get out the Mollie Katzen cookbooks and make pretend food. I just love it!

I used this recipe and scented each color with essential oils (lavender, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, orange and lemon thyme) which makes it extra special, I think.

I also made a fort kit (as seen on Pinterest HERE). I bought thrifted sheets (with stars and moons) and bought all sorts of clamps, ropes, hooks, flashlights etc.  I used the pillowcase, cut it down a bit, with a hand painted label and added a drawstring to keep it all together.

Finally, daddy made some marshmallow shooters. I showed him this picture and then he came up with his own design.  Papa Kismet is super cool that way.

Both the kids love everything especially the birthday boy. Fortunately, he is good at sharing with his brother (most of the time).

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6 Responses to gifts for I-guy

  1. Michelle Z. says:

    I love the marshmallow shooters! My son has been asking for one for a while, and I keep forgetting to ask his dad to make one. What is the grey thing you’ve added for the mouth piece? Did you paint them, or does PVC come in fun colors?

  2. Jacquie Uribe says:

    Wow, what lucky kids to have you for a mother. The marshmallow shooters are great. I’ve been looking for one and refused to pay $25 for one at Toysrus. You’re homemade marshmallow shooters are perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are such cool gifts! Happy Birthday to your little I-guy!

  4. Mousy Brown says:

    What fantastic birthday makes…I am thinking of making a fort kit now just for me!! 😀

  5. Must try make homemade Play dough some day. It looks like so much fun! 🙂

  6. Andria says:

    Wow, what a good mommy you are…the Kismet House is a super-fun place to be! I always read about homemade play dough, but I have yet to make any. I can see where they would be inspired to make pretend food with those great colors and scents!

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