three girl portraits

girl portrait no. 1

girl portrait no. 2

girl portrait no. 3

Practicing and playing on 9 x 12 watercolor paper with acrylic paint.

Which one do you like best and why?

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19 Responses to three girl portraits

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    i like the best one the most

  2. Monique says:

    Oh wow! How do I pick?! I loved the thumbnail of the first one on FB but then seeing the second one… and the expression in the third is amazing! I guess I really love the color and repetition of shape in the second one the best!

  3. so hard to choose! i think i like the first one the best- just because…. her expression, her hair, her posture. the simplicity of it. girl 2 i love her fancifulness! #3’s confidence is amazing & the way the colors mix in her dres..

  4. doro K. says:

    i love the colors and the self-assured gaze of the woman.
    but the most i love the second picture. the secret egyptian look…she’s very beautiful!

    best wishes to you!


  5. hmm…I like the first one best…although it was a toss up a little at first. I really like the color usage in number three. But number one is just really my fav. it’s a beauty. I really like her face and cheeks 🙂

  6. sarah says:

    number three, hands down! all cool, though.

  7. elsa says:

    Number 3 for me ~ she looks so confident and full of sass!

  8. angela says:

    At first I liked the 2nd one, but then I scolled down and saw the third. I love her look of confidence!

  9. nycgirl says:

    I like the first one best – but something about the last one reminds me of illustrations from the 1920s-30s so I like that one as well.

  10. nycgirl says:

    ALSO! I like that the last one is not looking straight on. It gives it a nice fluidity.

  11. I like the mood and elongated proportions in #1, the intent gaze in #2, and the color choices in #3. Fabulous, Regina! 🙂

  12. Carolyn says:

    It is classic. It looks like you had someone pose for you. The “lighting” and colors are beautiful. I would totally hang it in my house.

  13. April Cole says:

    Such wonderful paintings, great work… Love them all :]

  14. Janet says:

    I definitely like the second one best. There is something sad behind her exotic almond shaped eyes. She is lit up by her jewels and finery, but there is something more to her story, a very deep sorrow, I think.

  15. Andria says:

    I love the quiet pensiveness of the first woman, but also the confident spirit of the third one. Very nice!

  16. Linda says:

    Wow, they are all great! Each one evokes a different response. The first one is my favourite, she seems kind and romantic, and maybe a little withdrawn. The second one seems very determined and forceful, like she knows who she is and what she wants. The third one makes me think she is a little sassy and looking for some fun. So cool! Love them.

  17. I love 1 and 3 but 3 the best! You need to teach a class on this!

  18. Kate D says:

    the third one made me do a double take! she’s up to something. something good. 🙂

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