Gifts from Nature artisan fair re-cap

Gifts from Nature Artisan Fair - Arizona Audubon Society

What a crazy weekend!  We drove to Phoenix last Friday (almost 2 hour drive) to do this show at the Arizona Audubon Society and it rained the entire time.

Gifts from Nature Artisan Fair - Arizona Audubon Society

Because of the rain, we were tightly squeezed indoors. Well, some of us had very little space, others had a lot. Definitely not an equal split up of space, but I made do with what I had. My wonderful, and incredibly patient husband came up with this set up and it worked out well.  What you can’t see in the pictures, was that there was only a small triangular space in front of my table. No more than 3 people (huddled closely together) could fit in my booth.

Gifts from Nature Artisan Fair - Arizona Audubon Society

That, the rain and a very slow Friday night left me pretty discouraged. At least there was free wine. ;) But, Saturday and Sunday went surprisingly well. I sold the very large painting in the center (the highlight of my weekend) plus several other smaller originals, lots of prints, cards, almost all of my little art blocks and about half of my bird ornaments (there were a ton of bird themed items at the fair).  A very successful weekend overall!

Gifts from Nature Artisan Fair - Arizona Audubon Society

Plus, I met so many wonderful venders and lots of wonderful shoppers. Connecting with other like minded individuals is really the best! I also splurged on a few really awesome gifts for myself which I hope to share tomorrow.

I’ve been busy all day taking photos and editing all the items that will go in my shop for a big shop update tomorrow! It is always a much bigger undertaking than I think it will be. So, please stay tuned. :)

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2 Responses to Gifts from Nature artisan fair re-cap

  1. Barb says:

    Sorry the space was so tight, but your booth really looked fabulous. I’m glad you had such a successful weekend!

  2. katy says:

    Yes your booth looks great! I am so happy you sold that beautiful painting!
    p.s. i am finally reading daring greatly and loving it:)
    xo katy

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