shop update!

Everything is finally in my shop~ yay! My art studio officially looks like a disaster area.

Can you believe that it is Thanksgiving week?  I can’t.  Not even close to being ready, but I am really looking forward to it.

gfn Collage

And here are my little treasures from the weekend fair. Some were trades and gifts, others were purchased. So much great stuff!!

1. Funky felted birdhouse  by Carenas Creations 2. Ceramic owl necklace and whistle by Three Star Owl  3. Awesome bird skull earring by Abandoned Memory 4.  Infinity Scarf by Carenas Creations 5. Paper Flower Klip made by an 11 year old girl (can’t find her info anywhere!) and 6. Frida Necklace by Wearwolf (which I actually bought here in Tucson a couple of weeks prior).

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