Tire stools for the fire pit

tire stools

We finished our tire stools last weekend and have been enjoying them very much. We’ve already had two different sets of friends over to try them out.

tire stools

We were inspired by THIS and THIS. They just seemed perfect for our style and budget. We got some older tires for free from a couple of different discount tire places (one guy was very reluctant and another guy very cooperative).  I bought the paint (latex), wood and stencil and my wonderful hubby cut the perfectly round wooden circles. I was very impressed!

We’ve been wanting to work on our back yard and patio for a long time. The kids had sort of taken it over the last several years, but we are slowly reclaiming it making it into a family space we can all enjoy.

firepit fun

We still have more plans and I’ve been able to organize the patio a bit too. I will share more of that tomorrow. But, it will be quite a while before we get it exactly how we want it–especially with a little puppy on the way. Only 3 more days until we get to pick her up!

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