Little overalls

I’m becoming a little obsessed with that freezer paper stencil technique. I see a stain on a shirt and think, “Gee, what could I stencil over that stain?” I know I have tons of perfectly good t-shirts with breastmilk and spit up stains on them. Maybe I could strategically place a design so that it’s not directly on my boob? Anyway, I bought these cute little overall shorts for my I-guy at a JC Penny outlet store and thought that they definitely needed sprucing up. I thought a tricycle would be the perfect thing.


iguy in overalls.jpgI have been using Tulip’s Soft Fabric Paint to do these. I just bought the paint pots in a package of 12 for about $6. They have worked great for me. They dry permanent and wash well. For the tricycle, I went a little overboard with the paint. I was originally going to do just the lime green color. Then I added blue spokes and a blue seat, and then well, it just became mutlicolored! Sometimes I get a little carried away with well, a lot of things.

Anyway, I have been slacking in my Every Day in May art. Been busy working on Mommy Day gifts. As soon as my mom and my mom-in-law get their packages I’ll post what I made. (mommies are you excited?) he he he!

Also, I have been recieving notecards from some of the participants of my Notecard Swap. They are fabulous of course! I will start up a Flickr set once I get them scanned &/or photographed. So so so exciting to get these packages of beautiful notecards in the mail.

Now I must get working on the rest of my notecards, my artist trading cards and recipe cards….oh my!!

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7 Responses to Little overalls

  1. That is one excellent tricycle! I really need to try this technique.

  2. andrea says:

    Awwwww, what a sweetheart! he look so proud to be wearing his Mama’s GREAT creation too.

  3. moki says:

    oh my heck! They just keep getting cuter and cuter! You really have a talent for these and I am so jealous that I will have to give it a try to.

  4. Sarah Scott says:

    So cute! He looks just like you!

  5. anjo says:

    I spied your stencil on the flickr group…so glad I was drawn to your blog (lovely!). I must say, that is the cutest little trike, great colors (I tend to get carried away as well…it’s good for the most part!). AND…sweet little man (btw…our son was also an “I-guy” when a bebe!)…awww.

  6. shoofly says:

    this is too cute! and I love that you use it as a cover up for stains!

    happy mothers day to you!

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