Simplicity 4589

I finally broke into my vintage sheets.  They were originally intended for skirts, but just happen to be the right amount for tops too.  I’ve been wanting to use this simplicity pattern for a while, seeing it around many, many, many, many places.

The rounded neck version of this pattern was a bit challenging (HA!).  It was sewing the rounded edge with the gather, front and back.  The neck won’t lay flat and it’s a bit wonky.  I know I did something wrong.  Maybe next time I’ll actually read the directions.  I’m impatient that way.  I was trying to get it done before the kids started protesting on the table for dinner.  I’ll have to try reading the directions very carefully and taking my time.  Or I can try it this way instead, OR skip the rounded neck all together and try the square neck version.  We’ll see.

Sorry about the evening photos.  I usually will only do natural light shots, but didn’t want to wait.  The fabric is quite a bit more faded than it appears.

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8 Responses to Simplicity 4589

  1. linda p says:

    Yeah… I had to redo the neck twice on both, I think. Lots of pins and lots of clipped curves and it was still a little funky. But don’t worry, you’re the only one who will notice because it looks great!

  2. upstatelisa says:

    the neckline is very flattering on you!

  3. Expat Mom says:

    I love that fabric for the pattern, it really works well. Definitely my favorite version of this shirt so far. 😀

  4. beki says:

    I tried making the round neck version of this and ended up doing something terribly wrong. That top is still a UFO. Your version looks great!

  5. Marcia says:

    /That/ is really cute!

  6. jessica says:

    I have that pattern…and a bunch of vintage sheets…maybe I’ll make one for myself. I do love your new shirt very much!

  7. amy says:

    way cute! you’re inspiring me to remove the pile of crap on top of my sewing machine and get some sewing done. and also, you wear yellow really well!

  8. Kristi says:

    I think it looks great.

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