finding the right words

I’ve been very busy making little word magnets (I still have to glue on the magnets) for Artfest trades. They (the artfest folks) recommend making or having 50-100 things to trade. Is that crazy or what! Crazy cool, of course.

So far I have only 35 things completed (including these– which, by the way, were made into both brooches and magnets. Thanks for the super nice input). But, I have 28 more little painted discs that need a waxing.I’ve been having SO much fun making them. I will definitely make more when I get back.

I might also make teeny little paper/ephemera bundles to give away as trades too. I might not have time to do that though. My schedule is pretty tight this coming week. EEEEKS! I’m so over-the-top crazy excited, nervous, anxious and full of anticipation. MUST-REMEMBER-TO-BREATHE……

Also, for those who asked, I’ve been using little wooden discs, from the craft store, to paint on with my artist acrylics and a teeny paint brush.  The stars are wooden too. Painted solid, written words with a permanent marker, some diamond glaze and a bit of glitter.  Inspirational word magnets must sparkle!

I will show you the rest of my pins and brooches tomorrow.

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2 Responses to finding the right words

  1. Teresa says:

    I love those they are precious!

  2. my ‘love’ blocks are really popular – and BREATHE!!! 🙂

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